The Errol Village Hall or community centre is located beside the church and overlooks the park. There are a number of regular classes and clubs that take place in the main hall, the reception a real and the lesser hall throughout the week.

hallThe village hall is a charity overseen by a board of directors operating as Errol Leisure Ltd. The hall is managed by a group of volunteers who make up the management committee. The Annual Fun Run, Gala and regular Hoolie’s are the main fund raisers for the hall. Generating the income for on going maintenance and general hall improvements.

If you would like to know more about what’s going on in the hall or wish to take part in any of the activities, details of these and contact numbers below. If you would like to book the hall, it is available for private events or any clubs and classes that you might like to start yourself depending on availability. Also meetings and presentations can be accommodated.

Regular Activities include:

  • Mothers & Toddlers
  • Zumba
  • Exercise groups
  • Kettlecise
  • Crafter
  • Street Dancers
  • Carse Voices
  • Rainbows
  • WRI

There is always room for more lets so if you would like to start something of your own or take part in any of the existing activities you can have a look below at the booking charts to see when things are on and when the hall is vacant.

Registered Scottish Charity SC016735

Hall Management Committee


Ron Gillies



Lorraine Stewart

07473 404343 or 01821 642020
Susan Johnston


Carolann McKay-Stephen